Translations and VO Services

Mindscape Productions specializes in English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations of IVR's, TV and Radio spots, Corporate Video scripts and Movie Trailers. We also provide dedicated service to VO Talent and studios all around the world for ISDN connection and / or recording of any kind of audio file.

Thanks to DPN Talent in Los Angeles, In late 2015, we had the amazing opportunity to work with D&G and Universal Studios by providing studio and ISDN connection services from Florida to California for the Voice Talent on this spot.

Mindscape Productions provided translation and studio services for the voicing of this movie trailer for "The Letters", based on the life of Mother Theresa. A Special thanks to ACM Talent in Los Angeles.

Mindscape Productions provided studio services for the recording of this VO for the "The Boy" Trailer (U.S. Hispanic) Special thanks to Andrew Atkin at ACM Talent.

Still of Academy Award Nominee Adriana Barraza recording a casting for Disney XD (Burbank CA) with video feed from our studio in Miami, FL. We are proud to have been chosen by Ms. Barraza for this project.

Mindscape worked with Producer John Halleran on the recording and editing of the voice track of 7 launch videos for YouTube Kids Latin America in early 2016.

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